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Straight Talking Peer Education

Straight Talking Peer Education

A charity with two prime aims; to reduce Britain's shockingly high teenage pregnancy rates and to guide teenage parents back into education, employment and training. Straight Talking employs and trains teenage parents to deliver an interactive peer education programme to 13-16 year olds of both sexes, presenting the realities of pregnancy and parenting.

The Wessex Youth Trust's donations went towards the cost of running pregnancy and parenting courses in schools as well as facilitating training programmes. It also contributed to funding a teenage parent office assistant to support and train other teenage parents and administer the programme in schools.

"Straight Talking can only exist and expand in the way it has over the last few years because funders such as yourselves have faith in the work we aim to achieve. All those involved in the project are immensely proud of the developments every year which help to raise the charity's profile so that more young people can be helped and educated."
Hilary Pannack, Chief Executive

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