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Founded in June 1999 shortly before the wedding of HRH The Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones, The Wessex Youth Trust (formerly known as The Earl and Countess of Wessex Charitable Trust - registered number 1076003) is a regular grant-making trust. The Trust's primary aim is to assist other registered charities and charitable causes and in particular those with which TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex have personal connections or interests.

Charitable support is not given in the following circumstances:

  • to organisations or groups which are not registered as charities or charitable causes
  • in response to applications by, or for the benefit of, individuals
  • by means of sponsorship for individuals undertaking fund-raising activities on behalf of any charity
  • to organisations or groups whose main objects are to fund or support other charitable bodies
  • generally not to charities whose accounts disclose substantial financial resources and which have well established and ample fund-raising capabilities
  • to charities with religious objectives, political, industrial or commercial appeal

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General information

  • The Wessex Youth Trust ('the Trust') is interested in supporting projects which provide opportunities to help, support and advance children and young people up to the age of 21 years only.
  • grants are generally made by means of single payments only
  • the Trust does not accept invitations to appoint representatives to serve on the controlling bodies of organisations and objects to which charitable assistance has been given
  • acknowledgement of the Trust benefactions by means of publicity is permitted if carried out in a discreet and unobtrusive way so long as there is no mention of the sum involved
  • in general the Trust does not involve itself in directly financing projects for which very substantial government funding and/or grants from a number of trusts are available. However, limited financial support is given for small specific projects undertaken in various institutions and by certain specialist charitable organisations
  • preferential consideration is given to appeals received from self-help organisations and to charities requiring support to 'prime the pumps' for development and more extensive fund-raising initiatives. Also specific project funding requests are preferred to more general 'pot-filling'
  • subject to these guidelines the Trustees retain the flexibility to support a wide range of charitable endeavours.

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Grant-making procedure

  • completed application forms must not be printed double sided.
  • all applications to the Trust must have completed each section of the pro forma application form to be considered (where no answer is available please enter "0" or "n/a")
  • the Trust's application form clearly indicates the information required for use in the decision-making process, all information must be included on the form, not on supplementary documents.
  • forms must be printed, signed and sent by post to Mrs J M Cannon MVO in advance of the 1st May or 1st November deadline with any addition documents indicated on the Application form
  • Failure to comply with these instructions may prejudice your application
  • application forms are not acknowledged on receipt
  • all applications receive the fullest and most careful consideration and are judged on merit and substance. Clarity of presentation and the provision of detailed factual information continues to be of the utmost importance
  • all grant applicants are encouraged to seek funding from a wide range of sources and will be required to provide details of funds already raised in support of the applicant's appeal
  • the Trustees meet in the second or third weeks of June and November to review progress reports from previous recipients and consider the new applications
  • if successful, a letter is written notifying the charity and reminding them they agreed on the Application Form to provide an update report within six months. The deadline for this being the 1st May or 1st November following receipt of the grant
  • It is the Trustees' expectation that the report be sent to them without prompting by the deadline
  • unsuccessful applications receive a letter of notification following the Trustees' meeting. The Trust's decisions are final and explanations will not be provided
  • unfortunately the Trust cannot enter into any further communication with applicants
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